Jerry Wooldridge


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I am sorry to have to announce that Jerry died suddenly early this morning.

Julie writes:

He had not been well for a few days. Because he had not been seen by a doctor within the last few days there will be a post mortem.

He was not sentimental about death and his wishes were - no funeral, throw my ashes round the bloody roses at the crematorium and have a good piss up later on. He also said he did not wish to go to hospital and be worked on if he was likely to come out worse off than he already was - just pull the bloody plug out was his phrase."

I am sure many other people will join me in offering our condolences to Julie.



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What a cracking bloke Jerry was - and so helpful. He was an awesome photographer; only last night I'd emailed him with a photographic query, so this sad news is really quite a shock.

A few years ago we got him around Ingleborough Cave in his wheelchair and, on a separate occasion, he visited Gaping Gill Main Chamber in it on a winch meet.

Jerry was one of the "greats" of British caving and has been a constant throughout my own caving career. His passing leaves an enormous void as fas as I'm concerned.


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When I was a student at Birmingham University, (late 80's) our BUSS club president, Mike arranged a visit from Jerry who gave a talk and slide show on Mulu.

I clearly remember being blown away and so inspired by Jerry's photos of Deer Cave and tales of caving in Borneo. When decades later I stood in Deer cave entrance I cried - it was such a fantastic feeling to stand in the very place Jerry had inspired me with. RIP Jerry, my condolences to Julie.


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One of his (many) legacies is a collection of very fine photographs of Peak District caves, especially in Peak & Speedwell Caverns.


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Very sad to hear this. Before my first Mulu trip Jerry had a good chat with me sending me copies of his portfolio and notes to help me. Lovely guy.


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Very sad to hear this. Before my first Mulu trip Jerry had a good chat with me sending me copies of his portfolio and notes to help me. Lovely guy.
That was Jerry all over. Always willing to help.
In spite of knowing him since the early seventies I only caved with him in Otter and OFD on photographic trips. I remember spending a good while behind him at the last bend and squeeze coming out of Otter which he had entered head down with a large ammo box in each hand.
When we went to dinner with Jerry and Julie last year I confessed to something that had happened some 35 years ago. He had loaned the WBCRT (as it was then) half a dozen of his large prints for display at a stand in Margam Park. They were arranged on the around the show tent floor and a bloody big dog pissed over 3 or 4 of them. They turned bright green. As they were in my care I was mortified. I think it was Pete Cardy who said we should try a cold water wash - and it worked! I never had the nerve to mention it till last year. He laughed.
I understand his wish for a low key funeral and hope someone will organise a suitable wake later where we can raise a dram to his memory.

The caving world has lost another fine ambassador.


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His good mate Paul Deakin always used to refer to him as Woolly Jerryridge - something to do with the beard!

A sad loss indeed.


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He was a remarkable, delightful man and an excellent companion above or below ground. I still have several of his photographs on my wall at home. Very sad day.