Ken Pearce


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I was surprised that no one was written an appreciation of the great man.  So here goes.  Being very young and thin at the time, I took Ken down Swildon's.  It was a quick trip through Sump One.  On the way out I made a diversion in the Upper Series through the tightest  part of the cave.  I just scraped through and thought Ken had met his match.  But no.  After seeing me get through he said "This has got to go" and forced his way through.  Not sure how many ribs he cracked, but he was in pain for days after.  I never went caving with him again.

A good write in Descent:

The Iron Man is Dead / Vale Ken Pearce by various authors Descent (105) 32-33 4 photos. Descent (105) 32-33 4 photos.