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Llygad Llwchwr II has fallen in again

Stuart France

Active member
There's been a report from a member of the public reporting a recent landslip at "Llygad Llwchwr". We've been over to look and it's actually the LL2 entrance that has fallen in again plus some more diseased ash trees come down on the nearby path. It will take some digging out, but we beefed up the scaffolding last time so hopefully nothing has gone down the shaft.


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I should add that the original reporter did actually say Lygad Lwchwr 2 but I misread it when it came to me so passed on the wrong info to Stuart... i.e. the mistaken name was my fault not the original reporters! :)

Stuart France

Active member
We've been for another look now that the snow has gone. More debris appears to have come down since January.

In summary, there has been a spectacular mud and rubble avalanche on one side of the large shakehole resulting in a large diseased tree being uprooted on the one side causing it to topple over into the adjacent field. In the process it demolished the fence by the wooden gate providing the usual access to the cave at the lowest point of the shakehole on top of which some of this avalanche has come to rest.

We weren't in caving gear, as the photo shows, but a large amount of sticky mud and debris was nevertheless moved aside to reveal the scaff frame thus giving us a sideways view towards the top of the shaft which had been (and still is) roofed over with a sheet of corrugated iron and consequently is mud free. We then covered over the square frame with material to hand. It needs a robust lid made of closely spaced scaff bars that can simply be lifted off when cave access is required, and probably I'll see to fitting that, and this will better protect access when there are further surface movements.

The next caving group needs to bring a bucket and short rope to remove say 15 buckets of sticky mud from the ledge immediately under the square opening so this material doesn't fall any deeper before anyone ventures into the shaft proper. But I don't think there will be any more than nuisance amounts of debris in or at the bottom of that, so it should be quick to regain access to the passages of interest.


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Stuart France

Active member
This is all sorted out with the sticky mud from the 'Departure Lounge' now at the surface; the way on down is clear. The entrance has been covered with a removeable noughts-and-crosses board made of scaff to stop anything really big, plus some timber on top of that to hold back any more mud slides.