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Loose rock collapse in Eastwater


New member
Afternoon everyone,

Did a small trip in Eastwater (just past the ladder pitch) yesterday and on the way back out, a member of our party ran into some difficulties in the low section coming back into the bottom of Dolphin Pot; a section of the roof of the crawl collapsed as he was coming through (loose boulder about the size of a football).
No real damage done, just some bruising from the glancing blow, and he managed to get out, but the material behind the fallen rock looked very very loose and bits of debris were still dropping out of it as we were looking at it. Wasn’t sure who I should report this to so thought I’d just flag it up.


Following the above report, Wayne Starsmore CSCC C&A officer visited the area to inspect the collapse; this was found to be in the rift connection between the bottom of Dolphin Pot and the chamber before Dolphin Pitch.

A section of the roof and some of the left-hand wall (looking down the rift) had become detached.

An hour was spent bringing down the remaining loose rock and stacking it neatly.

The area may still have some unstable sections and should be treated with caution.