LOST Near Valley Entrance, Kingsdale


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Hi All,

Had a great trip at the weekend taking in Lancaster Hole to Wreched Rabbit, Simpsons Pot to Valley Entrance, Pipikin Pot to Mistal and Bar pot popping through to Gaping Gill.

The only down side was i managed to lose a tackle bag at the start of the high level traverse which we took to avoid the high water levels near the end of our Simpsons Pot to Valley Entrance trip.

It was a green and blue (green top blue bottomed) 'Beast Mummy' bag which had in 40m of red rope, hood gloves and a yellow waterproof container.

It has most likely been swept into the sump never to be seen again but we did have a check of the main passage in between where it was lost and the start of sump on sunday once water levels had subsided and also where the exit of the sump comes out of the hill and into the river in the valley but to no avail.

Not holding out much hope but you never know !

Reward for return !