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New member
I have recently book a holiday in Madeira and the guide books tell tails of lava tubes to visit.
Obviously, we can visit the show caves at Sao Vicente but I wondered if anyone has visited or knows about any other lava tubes on the island that we could take a look at. Thanks for your help


Well-known member
Having been there a couple of times I am sure there are more than at Sao Vicente which we had fun locating as the parking is the opposite of the road to the caves which are reached by an underpass. I did see mention of some up in the north west but I cannot recall where I found the reference. Internet searching was unrewarding unfortunately but worth another try.

The show caves are quite extensive and well worth a visit. The preceding volcano experience is not to be missed as well and takes almost as long as the tour. If you want to give the guide a shock there is a point on the way out where she points out a crawl and says if you want to take a short cut go this way. I would love to have seen her face if we had dived down it so why not take a couple of head torches and go for it! :LOL:


Active member
This page one of 22 pages:

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See also Furnas do Caval?o
On www.showcaves.com  under Portugual.


We went last year for a few days, the show cave was closed for maintenance, boo hoo, and we couldn't find much helpful info on other lava tubes....but....we had a smashing time walking the levadas which have many long tunnels so it felt like a caving experience!  The mountain walks are brilliant too!  :)



solidjelly said:
We went last year for a few days, the show cave was closed for maintenance, boo hoo, and we couldn't find much helpful info on other lava tubes....but....we had a smashing time walking the levadas which have many long tunnels so it felt like a caving experience!  The mountain walks are brilliant too!  :)


Agree; levadas and their tunnels great, no experience of the caves though  :(  My top piece of advice would be to avoid 'scabbardfish with banana'; it's like toilet paper dipped in baby food.  Absolute yuk.