Mossdale - Ouroborous project

Simon Beck

I've been visiting Mossdale purely for sport for many years but it's only in the last few that I've begun to take the exploration side of things seriously. Over the course of 2017 I began work at a number of sites. Several of these are yet to be written up but my progress at one of these sites can be found via the links below. There is still much to write up and bringing things up to date will follow soon.

Mossdale Session 3 -

Mossdale Sessions 4-9 -

Mossdale Sessions 10-18 -

Mossdale Sessions 19-20 - 

Mossdale Sessions 21-22 -

Mossdale Sessions 23-24 -

David Rose

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Is the Adele Ward who accompanies you in many of these explorations  the same Adele Ward who only recently was writing eloquently about her first caving trip in Gaping Gill? 

If so, I am seriously impressed. Never really thought of Mossdale as a novice trip!

Simon Beck

Yes David it is the same Adele. She's a born caver but jumped in at the deep end from word go and learn't fast!

I'm in the process of writing up the rest. Needed a break from it so this recent bad weather has been a godsend. Work continues. Thanks


Excellent to see these episodes of your Mossdale Cavern Adventures written up and appearing here on the UK Caving forum Simon....

It's always great to be able to follow someone's ongoing  exploration....

With the long story of the Mossdale Cavern being well documented  in literature and  in the hearts and  minds of generations of British cavers, your present explorations herald in a new era....

It's great that you are taking us along with you...

Keep going and take care my friend...



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Brilliant blogs Simon, all this sounds like hard graft mate you have my upmost respect keep up the good work mate take care.    Keith .  ;)


Good to get back there, thanks for writing these up mate. I have enjoyed reading them.
Session 25 left an impression, cold it took a day for me to warm up. Great Session today.......(26)

Simon Beck

Beginning to feel like I've progressed further in wordage than any other way.

Here's a little more for those who give a damn

Simon Beck

Yes, 'cutting it fine' it may sound, but not really. Generally most are undertaken on the right side of the weather and my Call-out margin is always large, 12 to 24 hours.

David Rose

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OMG. I've got to get back in there with you. Simon. Your writing is just so inspiring - and thank you for the kind words on mine. I know you have the experience and judgement to deal with this cave - but do continue to be safe!



It might worth knowing that smaller size plug and feathers can be had cheaply from China:

I've found that the small ones only work where the rock is hard and good quality, in soft/poor limestone they splinter little bits off but don't split the rock.

The necessary supplies of resolve and commitment are less easily obtained! Exciting reading and evocative writing as always, best wishes.