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Some great reads there, thanks Simon for finding the time and energy to share your work. And i have to say that even though i know nothing about the area, i was relieved to read that you're now heading left towards the draught.

On a different note, i'm sure my father (Andy Eavis) got squashed by a boulder in Ouroborous in his ULSA days, and had to be dug out. It's been on my (digging) bucket list ever since i first heard his tale....

Simon Beck

Thanks! The boulder in question has to be passed under to reach the work area. It's had a lengthy settling period and appears well seated - that's assuming my description of it's whereabouts is correct.

Will always keep my options open regarding the way to go. The bottom line is in following the route that requires the least amount of damage. Unlike others I'm not about to enlarge my way to success just for successes sake! I enjoy the challenge, the risk, but most of all Mossdale. The experience of just working in that environment outweighs the potential discoveries by a long shot.

Thanks also to Mattrees for the link!


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Mattrees said:

It might worth knowing that smaller size plug and feathers can be had cheaply from China:

I've found that the small ones only work where the rock is hard and good quality, in soft/poor limestone they splinter little bits off but don't split the rock.

The necessary supplies of resolve and commitment are less easily obtained! Exciting reading and evocative writing as always, best wishes.

thanks for the tip. These are so much cheaper than the ones I have bought in the UK.

Simon Beck

Something aside from everything else and possible fuel for the fire!

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Excellent read Simon, and nice to read that Richard is still looking after you. Your exploratory efforts in Mossdale and association with RDG make you a honorary Moldywarp!

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