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Northern Explorers Forum 2023 Clapham Village Hall Sunday 26th March 2023


Active member
Further details to follow but to get folks to save the date.
Contact can be made via: northernexplorersforum[at]gmail[dot]com
Potential speakers are welcome to get in touch we have several speakers already lined up, more are welcome.
Booking will be necessary in advance to be able to attend, lunch will be provided.


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Just a suggestion, how about recording the presentations and posting on YouTube at a later date. Much like the Royal Geological Society's Golden Age of Caving lectures.


Well-known member
A nice idea Pony - but I do know that some people who have agreed to do presentations only did so because they'll be in a small environment amongs folk they generally know faiirly well. They may be reluctant to be exposed to a wider audience, in a less controlled way. The same may apply to others who are yet to be invited to do a presentation.


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Just noticed that the NEF website has the list of presentations up now.
Looks like a cracking programme; thanks go to Sam for putting together such an interesting list!
I'm utterly rubbish at tech but Gary Douthwaite took pity on me and offered to sort the slides I want to use into the presentation software, so a big thanks to him an' all.