Photography Showcase 3 per week limit


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Misty damp bridge. Looks inviting...  (Edit: just crossed it, looking back outbye)

And my *first ever* pic with any sort of tripod/stand (edit: and my first underground selfie). Unfortunately it was a selfie stick with folding feet that sank in soft mud and fell over seconds after the shot, but now I see the difference it makes I'll get an actual tripod! (helmet used to light the shot, before you ask)



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I've got to crash soon as I have to get up at stupid-o-clock for a job, so I only had time to try one - to be honest it was pretty good already, but I did my best.


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Demo shot from yesterdays CSCC cave photography workshop. That's the full set of regions done......let retirement begin!

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Still experimenting with free programmes to extract jpeg images from video. This one using VLC which gives a 2mb PNG image here converted and edited to jpeg at 1mb. Apple iphones can use Frame Grabber which seems to work well. My son gets good mountain bike action shots that way. A contrasty cave helps but give the video time to focus.