Photography Showcase 3 per week limit


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Evening, Captain, is it really that colour or should it be more like this?:)


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Well done Tom, for winning the GSS photo shoot. Always seems to be mine shots that win :)( ), but judging by the superb shots on this forum, they are certainly more photogenic.


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WOW, that's overly neat! noice.

Bottom photo is cool, although personally I think it would look better with a model. :clap:

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I dont do technical perfection. Thats easier with editing and takes you down the formulaic route of posed back lit images. I love opportunity and the non repeatable moment even bordering on the comic. A family were shouting down the entrance so I said come in we will give you light. The little one came too.


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Dont forget the easy ways. Running TG6 on video on the move. At home select a frame and save it via VLC editor. You get stuff you can never get on set up shots. Like I say. The moment is the thing . Try it sometime.
Mike Wise foothauling in Eglwys Faen.

The Baggage Train.