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Poachers fall


New member
Just a heads up for anyone entering Poachers, a large rock fell from just above the hangers at the entrance pitch last night, a matter of seconds after I'd got off the electron, it was a close shave and we still can't believe it didn't hit the hatch frame or take out the ladder. It smashed into several pieces when it hit the floor and was big and heavy enough to have caused a serious injury if anyone had been on the ladder or stood in its way.
We had a quick look where it seemed to have come from and there doesn't appear to be anything else hanging precariously but bear it in mind if you visit the cave.
It was from the small rift just past the scaff directly over the hatch. The bits are piled up just to one side of the bottom of the short pitch.


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Take care. The breakthrough shaft through the boulders below stal chamber in gingling collapsed sometime in the two weeks after a melon size cobble fell out of it when I was climbing up back in the 90’s