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Roy Holmes - 1941 to 2022


New member
It is with the deepest regrets that I report the death of Roy Holmes. Roy passed away Tuesday 6th September in Lancaster Hospital.

I have been caving with Roy for over 30 years now and together we have made some small progress in exploring the caves in Dentdale.

Roy spent a period as chairman of CNCC back in the 00s.

Roy was an active member of CRO for over 50 years, receiving the 50 year Long Service Award in 2018. He was an underground controller for several years and carried out a period of the chairman of CRO.

The funeral will take place at Skipton Crematorium at 3 pm on Monday 19th September. The location of the wake to follow is yet to be confirmed but I will let you know where it will be later.

I would be grateful if you would let me know if you plan to attend so we can get an idea of the numbers attending and book the correct catering. Could you please email me on pete [at] pearlhillfarm.net

Pete Allwright


New member
The memorial wake is now confirmed as the Hotel Rendevous on Keithley Road in Skipton following the funeral. As above please let me know if you wish to attend so we can get the catering numbers correct.


Well-known member
This is extremely sad news, and our thoughts go out to Roy’s family and friends.

Roy was CNCC Chair from 2008 to 2017, which encompassed an extremely turbulent time for our organisation with many changes. He led us through those times with true skill, showing authority, fairness, and impartiality. He kept meetings on-topic and when things got heated, his no-nonsense speaking often complemented by quick wit and sense of humour always managed to ease the atmosphere. He was the right man for the job at the right time and we are extremely thankful for his efforts.

Roy stepped down from CNCC with such heated meetings being a thing of the past, and he should be credited with helping to achieve this.

His passion for northern caving, particularly in his home patch of Dentdale shone through, as did his desire to encourage exploration across our region.

Roy was one of northern caving’s great characters and he will be missed.


Staff member
Same day as the queen? RIP Roy. A good service to your community and a life well spent


Active member
A good man, a pleasure to converse with.. just as Tim says " good service to the community, a life well lived"


Active member
Just a thought, if Elizabeth's funeral is on the 19th and it is declared a bank holiday, will funerals planned for that day be re-arranged?


New member
As mentioned by cavingbiker, the plans have changed. These are the new provisional plans subject to confirmation of the arrangements for the State Funeral of Her Majesty the Queen.

Roy Holmes
Funeral arrangements

The funeral will take place at Skipton Crematorium at 3 pm on Wednesday 21st September. Note the date change.

Dress code is smart casual. Family flowers only please.

The service will be live streamed and the service can be downloaded afterwards. Contact Pete as below for details.

There will be a celebration afterwards at the Hotel Rendezvous, Keighley Road, Skipton BD23 2TA.

Their web site is https://rendezvous-skipton.co.uk/ .

Please let Pete know if you plan to attend (before lunchtime on Friday 16th) – pete@pearlhillfarm.net or 015396 25412. Or Facebook, search for ‘Roy & Jenny Holmes’.


Well-known member
The caving communuity has lost a good bloke. Roy was a genuine, dedicated, dyed-in-the-wool, Yorkshire caver; it's hard to imagine the Dales, or his beloved Dentdale, without him.

Something which many forum members may not be aware of is Roy's contribution to outdoor equipment. He once explained to me how he was the co-inventor of the "Cagjac", at a time when he still lived in Batley (I think). Prior to the 1970s the available nylon cagoules were generally of the over the head type (like the anoraks which preceded them). As a result they were poorly ventilated and the user got just as wet from condensation as they would have done with no cagoule. It was also impractical to have large side pockets as these would empty their contents every time the cagoule was inverted when putting it on.

Roy, together with a friend, came up with the idea of fitting a full length front zip, protected by a flap. In this way the new waterproof garment was a sort of cross between a cagoule and a jacket, hence it bvecame known as the Cagjac. They produced these commercially for a while. (I think they advertised in Descent magazine at the time, or maybe it was in BCRA publications.) Then the big manufacturers cottoned on and now this design is pretty much universal.

Goodbye Roy. We'll miss you; you were one of the best.


Active member
I remember going to a slide show by Roy and Pete Allwright in Dent village hall when I was about 15 on their discoveries in Dentdale and the enthusiasm and passion was plain to see!
RIP Roy, you helped keep this youthful caver interested at a critical stage with the idea that finding new cave was possible and a fun way to spend your time.