Six point five and three quarters


Has anyone been recently, did the round trip of Inlet 5 to 6.5? in Notts II ever get dug back out after the 2016 floods?


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I think I looked about a year ago, and it was still blocked at that time. I would suspect it still is because if it's dug out it just get's blocked again so I can see why people are not rushing to dig it open again!


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We did Inlet 5 last November, and it was still blocked then. The blockage seems to be extensive, and like Alex, I  can't see it being dug out again until a team wants to have another real go at the sump.


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I think it was Storm Desmond which did for it (or one of those named big storms).  You can still see the flood level high mark on the wall above the nick point.  SPFaTQs would have been completely submerged at the height of the flood and the silt walls of the dig turned to mush and collapsed.  As the waters drained it left large parts of the dig silted up - returning to how it was for some of it I think.