Swildon's Changing Barn improvements - immediate appeal for help


Hi all

If you have not yet spotted the appeal in the recent November 2023 newsletter, please allow me to draw it to your attention again.

Over this weekend and next, Nov 11th/12th and Nov 18th/19th, major improvement work is planned for the Swildon's changing barn, Priddy Green.

As of this morning, nobody had been in touch offering to help with this important job, from which a great number of us will benefit.

If you are in the area on any of the dates above, PLEASE consider helping. Work is planned to start at 9.30am on each day - if you would like to help just simply turn up.

This appeal is from Wayne Starsmore.


My own thoughts are that there is nothing more disheartening when performing a role voluntarily for other cavers than asking for others to help and having nobody offer. Everyone who volunteers to help, either on CSCC Council, or in the field (such as being asked to get involved with a particular job) should be encouraged and welcomed.

So, can I ask you please to consider this urgent request immediately? The first session starts tomorrow morning!

Many thanks for your attention.


Unusually no.

The organiser was there at the start on Sunday and he said "10 is plenty early enough on a Sunday"

Unlike on the Saturday when he wasn't there at the start so everyone, yes that's both of us, started at 9.30.


Following on from the great progress from last weekend, we now need to repair, replace and prep the joists ready to install the new floor.

Ideally we need four volunteers for Saturday (from 9:30am) and four for Sunday (from 10:00am). Alan Butcher is supervising the work, so don't worry if you feel you don't have any relevant skills as Alan will find you a job to do.

Also, it now seems likely the work will spill over into the following weekend (25th / 26th ) so if you can't make this weekend how about the following one?

Either email Wayne at canda@cscc.org.uk or just turn up when you are free.


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From Bruce Dunton on fb
Am hoping that the carbide writing on the walls has been preserved? I rate it on a par with Lascaux. And if anyone repairs that third rung on the wooden ladder I think it will be a real shame and not in keeping with the true nature of conservation


Here is the current state of play:

Wayne and those who have turned up to help have largely completed the work. All that remains now is some paintwork to the new floor. A first coat has been applied, but it needs more, and it takes quite a while to dry properly. The second coat will be put on over the next couple of days but it must be left to cure properly. It would be sensible to assume the barn will be ready to use by the beginning of January.