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The Mine Shafts Project. Hydrology.

The Old Ruminator

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Yup I went. Mr O ' Doc this is the copy of the group email detailing the work whilst you were tucked up at home.

The Demolition Boys 07/07.

The Gods of Rocks or The Friday Nighters which ever superlative accolade you might prefer.

Mr Nick rebooted and recharged after Tuesdays wipe out took the seventh and last load of turf to the field ( note ye well ). There he was assisted by Mr Alistair and Mr Mike in laying it all nicely to finish the job.
Mr Mike and Mr Nick then went up to the shaft. Mr Nick dropped the spacer down the shaft so new ones will be made for Tuesday. The mallet was left hanging on the clip.
The dynamic due then cleared all the bags and rocks left by the Tuesday crew. The dig was attacked with gusto plus a few tools as well. The gert rock was dragged out and rolled up the slippery slope.17 bags were filled plus a lot of rocks all dug from the floor. All were dumped down the shaft leaving the place tickety boo. Mr Nick and Mr Mike then retreated leaving one wobbly rock in the mud at the end. Mr Nick went home for another recharge for Tuesday.
To the left of the dig is an odd vertical wall. It looks like the lode but is still limestone though might be associated with it. To the right the mud and rocks fill continues gently downwards. As usual the air was fresh but steamed up once in a while. Hence the poor photos. Work can continue in a similiar manner on Tuesday if we have a team. The D.B might be available on Friday to continue the work though that may be the last opportunity for a while.


1 Mr Mike gets the large boulder up the slope.

2 Mr Nick has a snooze.

3 All bags emptied.

4 Vertical wall on the left.

5 Roof going gently down on the right.

6 Closer look to the left.


The Old Ruminator

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Ruddy stuffed again. In trouble for getting mud on the settee and towel. Banished to the computer.

Arrived with Peter. Brian already there. Peter Goldie soon arrived. PG x 2 and me went up to the shaft. Brian strimmed the path through the wood. Sadly another one of our giants has fallen ( rotten interior ). More wood for Jamie. Got the wedge in without dropping it. Brian hammered it in later.
Water at 5m 25 cm. Same as last week. 15mm of rain this week. 14mm last week. 3mm during today. Total for July so far 32mm. PG x 2 dug in shifts whilst I carted the bags and tipped them. That plus buried rocks. Brian came down later. I hid in the dark to frighten him. Good progress was made and all left tickety boo for a Friday visit.The lode wall seen in the dig appears to be the same wall seen in the tunnel. Its a mini lode really with the main lode another metre behind it. Video will explain it.The air did its usual thing. Fresh one time then steamy the next. If there is a draught it comes in pulses. A grand picnic was held back in the chamber. See folks Saturday and hopefully Mike Friday night.

The Old Ruminator

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Back to the hydrology which is all that I meant to do originally. This years shaft level curve is flattening out most likely due to the 32mm of rain on site over the last three weeks. I have a rain guage there. Last year was the drought signified by the steeper curve in purple. The whole dig drowns out at the top of the level over winter . We are at a critical phase now with the dig face estimated to be near the current shaft water level. If we can get to the primary lode before we reach water we can expect more open spaces and easier digging as the lode is softer baryite. The second image shows the likely position of the lodes indicating that we are about 1.5m from our objective. The miners stated that the lode was evident in the caverns.