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The Mine Shafts Project. Hydrology.

The Old Ruminator

Well-known member
A big drop in May water level now 2.5m below the marker. 55mm of rain in May but the drop more related to the spring leaf growth as last year. This year in orange.


The Old Ruminator

Well-known member
Plodding on yesterday. Took our local lady tenant down and looked after her. Some pics on other threads.

Experimented with the mini light cluster.

Actually fitted in some digging to rase the roof at the end of The Hole In The Wall to ease our way to the end face and open up a tiny chamber with a boulder roof.

Mr O'Doc appoaching the end dig. The lode forms the roof.

The very end with a boulder and mud blockage. ( X ). To the right and above rocks forming this slightly larger vugh roof. Removing Y will " release " more of the roof.

View of the end dig ( see pick ) through the enlarged roof slot.

Possibly a two day dig next week if the old folks are up to it.

The Old Ruminator

Well-known member
Day one yesterday as a two day go at The Hole In The Wall. Fair to say I am knackered and the kit is all mucky. Two new members today . They can do most of the work.

Yesterdays photos.


The Old Ruminator

Well-known member
Ad infinitum.

Day Two passed reasonably well. Another day tub hauling for me. I shall have shoulders like an olympic rower. The roof fell on my head but as you know its hardly unusual. We passed though the vugh then it closed down as before still following the lode. Probed now 11m in and dig face at 9m in. When does faith become delusion ? The middle road is not an easy one. Although disappointed we shall carry on until delusion becomes paramount. Photos from yesterday.

The team take a lunch break on the platform in the shaft.

Himself recovers from the collapse seen behind. You get all the action from me.

Back at it.


The probe going 2m along the road.

Oddly Photobucket has removed one of my recent photos as it breaks their rule on decency or whaterever. I cant work out which one though they can be a bit touchy with strangely dressed men lying in ythe mud. I might have a couple of weeks off caving now.