Underground Golf!


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This made me ponder on various churches which have been reporposed as climbibng centres. I used to use the one at Warrington when I lived a bit nearer - it's really good. The high vertical walls are ideal for long, reasonably steep routes and the arched roof above the walls is ideal fior really hard training. In some cases the churches were deteriorating and / or would have been pulled down and historic buildings lost for ever. Repurposing can actually be a powerfull ally for conservation.
I've found my mind drifting during various weddings, funerals, memorial services, etc etc and looking up towards the roof thinking, I could lob a rope over that beam and jug up there, or that bit would be good for some climbing holds and a lead wall


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Does it really matter?? If it allows folk something to do on a wet day in North Wales, plus it puts food on the table for a few people, anything that brings a buck or two to an area that’s lost it’s major employment has to be a benefit, there are plenty of other holes in the ground to go play in around the area.