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    'Having just come back from expedition jetlagged and pushed for time, I thought adding eight extra pages to Descent would be the best way to get back into the swing of things. I hope you'll all find that the extra hours were well spent'.

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Very silly pics


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I remember being on holiday in San Francisco decades ago, after the city council had installed 'carousels' for the first time at some intersections (with no traffic signals) in a new-build area, and my friend was driving - it was kind of hilarious and terrifying at the same time as she attempted to negotiate this new-fangled hazard.

The opposite is happening on the new Waverley estate (formerly the site of Orgreave coking works) in Rotherham, at grid intersections (with no road signage or traffic signals installed yet). Still, they could try driving with due care and attention in the meantime ;)


Mrs Trellis

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Since you ask…
I now know that Mugdock is an anagram of Dog muck. I suppose it's where they take the dogs for a crap without having to pick it up.