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Warning Croesor Rhosydd


Bscc had a trip there today and we had some issues in the chamber of Horrors, I.e the boat the chamber. We were using the lovely pulley system but as we were pulling the pulley popped out on the other side. Meaning the boat is now only attached on the croesor side.

So if you were to approach the boat from the Rhosydd side you would find yourself unable to get the boat unless you swam for it.
It is still attached croesor side so the through trip is doable.

We had a small half hearted attempt at fixing it however were unsuccessful as the pulley was ripped out of where it was anchored. If anyone would like help fixing it, we are very willing to help!

Also, someone had pulled up the rope to get out of the chamber. We used the bolt climb to get out. The rope is still there and we?ve put it back :)


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Not sure what timeline is for damage and pulling rope, but everything was fine on 7th March. Pulleys did feel a bit tight at start, but probably just lines crossing a bit.


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Done the trip at the weekend 30/04/2022
All fixed gear in place. Rope on second pitch is rather worn however is still useable. No issues with retrieving the canoe. Kudos to whoever was working away on a new route if any of the guys need a hand please pm me


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I'd planned on sampling the new route end of Feb, but had to take my son along with me ( 1/2 term) so missed out there, the traverse going out across above the lake 1W looked really tempting, I wish I'd been able to give it a go.

But have to say that the canoe rope rigging as it was then was a bit of a liability should someone leave both ropes alongside the left (when looking to Rhosydd, so west side) of the canoe, presumably to make it easier to get out? then when the next party tries to retrieve the canoe it gets jammed as there was very little slack/stretch in the rope. I was actually starting to strip to swim and get it when my very last attempt (not expecting it to work) finally freed it, but it was a close call.

I was very pleased that the Zipline was back :) Thanks to speedy and other maintainers!