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    Saturday 19th November from 19:30hrs in the Long Room, Hunters Lodge Inn.

    Annual competition for the longest new discovery under Mendip or Scotland between 01 Nov 2021 and 31 Oct 2022. Presentations on the latest finds and digs that haven't gone… yet!

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Welsh Wezzit

Long Drop

Hi Huge, yes, I've been through there a couple of times, each time vowed to be the last...

Sadly all my caving photos are on 35mm slides in the loft so please would someone else jump in here and put up a photograph.

Trig Gledhill

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Alkapton said:
It has been said (CCC Journal V.11 et. al.) that "Sombody, somwhere has said cavers spend the first few hours of their life squeezing out of a vagina and spend the rest of their lives lrying to get back up".

Ah, the beauties of Welsh caves ;-)
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I have one here on my phone so shall I shamelessly jump in then?


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I know, I know! But as I was there when you took the photo, I'll keep quiet.

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Long Drop

Sadly not one I recognise... Don't think I've ever been in there.  I'm going to wild guess that it is somewhere around the Llangattock escarpement. :)