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After all Babyhagrid's guesses, you've got it first time GDF. 🙂

The original photo is Queen of Hearts Chamber, at the end of Dwy Sir and the other photo is somewhere along the main passage. Interesting little cave, if you haven't been there, with a nice main passage in the Gilwern Oolite, very reminiscent of passages in Draenen, formed in the same beds. Was probably part of Draenen in the dim and distant past but now isolated from the main cave by erosion. There's a very short cave in another of the quarries, which it lines up with very well.

Over to you GDF.

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Not a lot to go on there. Is this a distinctive part of the cave? Without a clue, it's going to have to be a complete, random guess from me.

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Being on the trip the photo was taken on feels too much like cheating, even though getting away from those fine black gour pools was enough of a struggle that I feel I do deserve the knowledge acquired! Maybe that can serve as a bit of a clue...


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Your latest photo is obviously (I hope!) The Canal in Dan yr Ogof. Unless you've taken your own inner tubes into somewhere else, of course!

As for your previous photo, I've been in the Waterfall Series but not to The Annex so haven't seen the formation myself. But when no one had put forward a guess for a while, I decided to pull my finger out and follow your clues. OFD, ok. "Described as 'fine black gour pools'. Right, that must be from a description - not much gets passed me! You being a student and therefore young, it has to be a description on this here interweb thing. So I started reading Brendan Marris' description of OFD, which being such a big cave, is very long. I started with OFD 1 but ran out of time just as I started on the Waterfall Series! The Annex and the black gour pools are described at the end of that section. I was a few minutes reading away from the answer. 🙁