The Old Ruminator

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My third entry as the lighting was by helmet light I was amused by the fact that the subjects light was reflecting an orange glow back on his face. Made him look suntanned so it was entirely a bit of fun. One of those " moments " again and entirely unplanned or posed. I was lying in wait as he came in through the Draenen entrance.

If it aint fun it aint worth the doing.



Bit of a lazy submission compared to my first but I've not got time to make these "covers" a reality... My first submission centred more on dark than light so here is the yang to my yin.
Plus it might be more accessible than Iron Maiden?​

Hold the Light (Line) - Toto

It's not in the way that you hold it
It's not in the way you make it glare
It's not in the way you've been blinding my friends
It's not in the way that it stayed on till the end
It's not in the way it looks or the modes that it say that it'll do​

Hold the light
I'm tying a double bowline
Hold the light
I'm tying a double bowline​


True Faith - New Order

[Verse 3]
I feel so extraordinary
Cave rescues got a hold on me
I get this feeling I'm in motion
A certain sense of liberty
Ali Baba lights i've bought so far
They took their time and they took my money
Now I fear it's left me hanging
On a pitch that's so demanding

I used to think that the day would never come
I'd see their light in the shape of a scurion...


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The Old Ruminator said: glow back on his face. Made him look suntanned so it was entirely a bit of fun....
Either that or the rest of you had repeatedly been slapping him for leaving the cucumber triangle sandwiches in the car, you great bullies!!

Caver Keith

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My second entry. This is a short clip from the video I made for the Shropshire Scouts.


Following my story I was asked in a private message questions about the lights I build so I thought it might be worth sharing here as well.
For some  lights, I build the casing myself and for others I use casings of old caving lights. I am only using simple hand tools that most people have at home.

All lights are "cave proof" and were tested is caves all over the world.
Each light have Two Cree XM-L2 emitters and TIR optics so the maximum potential output is about 2400 lumen but I only enable 1000 lumen on turbo mode.

For the Spot beam I am using 10-15 degrees lens and for for the flood beam 90 degrees or even a bare LED.

The driver has 8 AMC7135 current regulators for each channel and it runs my own Firmware. The Firmware features are:
Low battery warning.
Low battery protection.
Battery check mode.
Automatic step down from bright modes to prevent over heating.
Automatic lock off to prevent accidental turn on in the bag.
3 uA leakage while off.
And more..

I believe all these features are really important for cavers but unfortunately not all brands offer these functions.

I have posted detailed instructions online on how to build these light and have an GitHub repository with all my firmware code so if you are interested, you can build yourself a caving light :)


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