Author Topic: Last minute hunt: Student club seeking leader for caving in Mendips this weekend  (Read 613 times)

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Due to a series of mistimed deadlines and workloads, all of the people in our club who could lead us on a more in-depth trip round any of the caves in the Mendips, have pulled out last minute from our trip. Would anyone be willing to help us out? We're Plymouth uni caving club, Adventure & Expo, and we're staying at the Shepton Mallet caving club. We have around 6 members keen to cave, who have varying degrees of experience, but no technical experience. We would really appreciate any kind of help and would be able to offer food and shelter free of cost! We could also pick people up en route to the Mendips from Plymouth.

Please contact me if you could help us out!

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There are some great caves on Mendip where you can just have an explore. You'll have a lot more fun without a "leader".

Goatchurch is often written off as a novice cave, but it it is full of brilliant features for squeezing, climbing, exploring and navigating. You'll never be too far from the surface, so you should be able to find your way back out. As it is dry, you could even take your copy of Mendip Underground with you.

Another classic is Swildon's Hole. If you aren't sure about navigation, just follow the water to sump 1, or 2 if you are a bit more keen. Otherwise you'll have hours of fun navigating the many intertwined passages of the Upper Series. Then even more hours of fun trying to trace your route onto the survey when you get out.

There are plenty of other places you could visit without much experience, have a chat in the hut and you'll get some good advice on trips suitable for your experience and confidence.

Leading your own trip for the first time is a great experience and one you'll never forget. It was the start of an addiction for me!

Good luck, have fun and make sure to write up your adventures to inspire others to do the same  :thumbsup:
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Hi Izzy,

I've put a post on the Shepton facebook page, and also emailed our circulation list to see if anyone is going to be around this weekend who might be able to help - sorry but I'm not going to be in the area this weekend.

hope you have fun wherever you end up, I agree with Pete, sometimes just finding your own way can be a great adventure.