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Eski - thanks to all
« on: August 16, 2019, 05:39:08 pm »
Harry 'Eski' Hesketh died during a difficult rescue from a new cave on Fountains Fell which he had discovered with friends.  His daughter has sent a letter and comment via CRO to all cavers who helped and knew him together with a pic of Eski in action.

Comment and thank you letter:

"I greatly appreciate CRO taking the time to meet me, give a tour of the depot, and then accompany me and Frank Walker up to Curtain Pot, despite the 'slightly' inclement weather. It helped me understand more about events on the day, the difficulties faced, and the tremendous efforts taken to try and rescue my dad. My respect has only deepened for everyone who was involved, as it was obviously an incredibly hard task, and I remain eternally grateful to them."

I’d like to once again express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who was involved in my dad’s evacuation from Curtain Pot, Fountains Fell, on June 1st. I am still only just starting to realise the extent of the efforts that were made to help my dad and while it was not the result that any of us wanted, I am truly grateful to every single one of you.
I am painfully aware that I was spared some anguish as when I heard the news my dad had already passed, while you all had hope and then that hope was taken away. That is a special kind of pain in itself and I only wish there were some words I could say to ease that.
My dad loved caving more than anything, so it was very moving to see the number of rescue team members who came to show their respect and to give him a wonderful send-off on June 12th.
I hope that over the coming months and years I can find some way to repay your kindness and selflessness shown during this time.

Wendy Uchimura,
Eski’s Daughter


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