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Re: Equipment recommendations
« Reply #75 on: October 18, 2006, 12:20:18 pm »
For Mendip and Wales type of caving a Fleece undersuit and a Cordura oversuit are ideal

For draughty wet Yorkshire type pitches some people prefer the pvc type oversuit (still with a fleece undersuit) but theses are easily subjected to damage and once ripped need careful repair or they will not last very long.
IMHO a good relatively new Cordura suit is as wind and water proof as the PVC suit anyway, and much more robust. (light blue touch paper and stand well back  ;D )

Yes Cordura is tough but what about the thread and manufacture? I had a Beaver Cordura suit which used such weak thread that the crotch ripped on the first trip underground! Also the waterproofness does not last at all. You might be grateful of a good waterproof/windproof oversuit while walking across some god-forsaken moor in the p*ssing rain looking for an elusivecave entrance... or hanging around at some exposed shaft-top in winter...

Yes the PVC used in "boil-in-the-bag" suits are more likely to get ripped - but then they are MUCH easier to repair (almost the same as wetsuits used to be!).

Just spread some PVC glue around the tear, apply a patch of the same material (with rounded corners), press down leace to dry and job done. Most PVC suits even come supplied with the patching material and glue.

I've had a number of different oversuits over the years (and started on second-hand boiler suits/old clothes) and I've found that the PVC variety last just as long id not longer than the Cordura tpe. My current PVC oversuit has quite a few patches, espcially in the "derriere" region, but is still going strong after more than three years heavy use (including a week's trip to the caves on Skye!).
I'm not a complete idiot: some parts are missing!

paul palir

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Re: Equipment recommendations
« Reply #76 on: November 07, 2006, 11:57:07 pm »
is there any one else out there that wears a belay belt over their chest strap??
I have been doing this for years and find it keeps the croll closer to your body while climbing ropes, and it keeps your body more upright while haveing a fag break on larger climbs.. (eg Rowter hole)

Try it and let me know!!

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Re: Equipment recommendations
« Reply #77 on: November 08, 2006, 12:15:13 am »
while haveing a fag break on larger climbs..


Paul, you are joking, aren't you?

The reason I ask is this: if you gave up smoking you'd soon find you didn't need to have a rest.

P.S. Welcome to the bestest UK caving forum in the UK for cavers who like forums about caving.  :thumbsup:


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Re: Equipment recommendations
« Reply #78 on: November 13, 2006, 10:55:33 am »
What else would be a good idea to aquire to go 'proper' caving?

Wet socks. They revolutionised my caving experience - the joy of warm feet!


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Re: Equipment recommendations
« Reply #79 on: November 13, 2006, 11:21:35 am »
Update: New stuff I got: Nova 3, Knee pads (Yes - they are lovely!) helmet, wellies, elbow pads.
Stuff I still [i[need[/i]: An oversuit of some sort. Somthing breathable but at least semi-dry. With lots of bum padding/wear protection (as its my most used part of the body for getting around - less far to fall). But may have to wait till next payday.


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Re: Equipment recommendations
« Reply #80 on: November 13, 2006, 04:42:00 pm »
After re-reading this thread the bottom line is that any attachment that prevents you from falling to the bottom combined with people who know how tolower you off quickly wil do the job - if it works it's ok.

bowline vs belt vs harness is utterly irrelevant when compared to the requirements for thermal kit so as not to die of hypothermia - or get so cold you fall off the ladder/lose the strength to prussic etc.

A critical requirement for caving in a group is a sense of realism!


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