AGM 2023 Notification


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CNCC AGM: Saturday 11th March 2023, 10am, Clapham Village Hall

Please note the change from our usual venue at Hellifield. This is because Hellifield does not have a suitable room for online participation.

Remote attendance via Zoom will be available, email our secretary ( for access details. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee success of online participation (we have had several audio issues in recent meetings) so we strongly recommend in-person attendance if possible.

All CNCC full member clubs are encouraged to attend, participate and vote on the various matters. The meeting will include updates from all Officers as well as scheduled agenda items and the election of the Officers and CNCC Committee for the next year. It's been a rather eventful year, with plenty to keep CNCC busy, from conservation issues, access problems particularly around High Birkwith, a continued program of excellent training workshops, anchor projects and initiatives, and numerous actions to promote caving in our region. The meeting provides a great chance to reflect and discuss these, and consider the next year.

You can see if your club is a full member here:

To vote you will need authorisation from an Officer of your club. The simplest way to do this is for an Officer of your club to email our secretary (address above) to name your voting representative. Alternatively your representative can bring an authorisation letter on the day of the meeting.

If your club is not a full member, but you would like to become one OR if you are already a full member and would like to be part of the CNCC Committee:

Applications for Committee and Officer positions (which includes any of our incumbents who are wishing to stand again), applications for full membership, and all agenda items must be submitted to our Secretary ( no later than Saturday 14th January 2023.

In particular, we are aware that our Secretary is standing down and we welcome applications:

The agenda will be published on our website by 31st January and Officer reports will be made available in the week before the meeting.

This is an open meeting and although voting is restricted to our member clubs, anyone can attend and we welcome input. Come say hello and tell us what you think or just to see what goes on behind the scenes of northern caving.


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A final reminder:


***** CNCC AGM 2023, Saturday 11th March, 10am at Clapham Village Hall *****

We welcome anyone who wishes to come along and see what happens, meet us, or have your say about what more we could be doing over the coming year to benefit northern caving.

Anyone attending to represent and vote on behalf of our member clubs, please don’t forget your letter of authorisation, if this has not already been emailed in advance to our Secretary.

Anyone else, no paperwork needed, you can just turn up and be guaranteed a friendly welcome.

The agenda and Officer reports are on our website meetings page:

We will hear updates from Officers on how things have gone over the last year (with an opportunity for Q&A with all suggestions welcome). We will then elect Officers and Committee for the coming year. Other items on the agenda include a discussion about the access agreement for Stump Cross area, which is outdated and in need of a more modern solution.

The weather in the Dales over the coming few days looks rather snowy so if you would prefer to attend remotely, please email for online joining details. Be aware however that the availability of online attendance relies on our webmaster being able to make it from York with the necessary kit (hopefully the snow won’t be that bad, but you never know), and the venue WIFI being up to scratch, which you can never rely on, so be aware that we can never make guarantees that the online option is going to be possible.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.