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Allotment; water tracing by snoopy loops


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This is a very long shot.

Yesterday in the new sump in Austwick Beck Head a tiny snoopy loop (cut from a bicycle inner tube) was found; see picture. Only two of us have been to the place where it was found and neither of us uses anything of this size. So the assumption is it's come from one of the Allotment potholes. I don't suppose anyone can remember losing this item anywhere up on the Ingleborough Allotment?

As I said, it's a very long shot . . .


  • ABH_minisnoopy_070522.jpeg
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Steve Clark

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Interesting that it appears to be unbroken.

In the diving instances I can think of using them for - holding down webbing ends or backup lights etc - they are usually a pain to thread on and you have to take something apart to put another one on. If you lose one, it's normally because it's broken.

Could it have been lost out of a pocket? Closure band off some wetnotes? Pull tag off a drysuit zip?

No ideas on other uses? Do farmers or mountain bikers use them? Fallen in somewhere else.


I guess it's if a spare battery for the CRO VHF radios.

UWFRA use the same to protect the connection while battery is in rucksack /pocket etc

So could be was in from somewhere on the surface