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Any advice ?



I am keen to experience caving but i just dont know the best way to go about it. I am not so sure about joining a club as I dont want to be a burden to the keen cavers in there! I live in the lancashire area and I know I have some great caving areas just a 40 min drive away but I am just not sure whether a/ I would really like it  b/ How to get a taster. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


One option is to join www.c**tplaces.co.uk and find someone in your area.

Most clubs should be willing to take on temporary members, BCA insurance allows for a percentage of temporary members based on club membership number. They normally have some kit to borrow and have a novice cave to visit.

If its mines you prefer then c**tplaces.co.uk, or Mine-explorer type websites (google them) might be better.

Nothing wrong with getting a builders helmet a couple of good torches and a logical poke in some holes yourself. Just be logical about it, dont wander in expecting to not get lost. Look behind you every few steps to see what it looks like heading out. Build piles of stones to mark way points, dont use string or un-natural markers. Spray paint will get you smacked about the head.

cap n chris

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I do my own brain surgery; it's cheap, effective and seems to work quite well if you're logickal about it. Get in touch with a club - they'll gladly lead you on a trip to suit your ability and interest.


Find yer local cavers pub, make mates and go, you don't need to be a brain surgeon to do it just a few bits of kit and entusiasm.


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Clubs always need new members to make up for the people who give up caving for one reason or another, and they accept that for every half dozen new members who turn up and try a few trips, perhaps only one will enjoy it enough to stay long term.

Most clubs have some form of provisional membership as well as full membership, and they'll let you go on one or two easy trips before expecting you to join. Don't be afraid of trying two or three clubs to find the one that suits you. If you do run into a club where you feel you are 'holding back the keen cavers' then it's not the club to join - there's plenty who will make you feel really welcome, suggesting suitable trips and later on helping you to learn rope techniques. From your side, you may need to be a bit patient - a smaller club may only run one or two trips a month, and you may need to wait for a few weeks for a suitable trip.


Ok thanks for the replies, I will chase up a caving club because I dont think we have any "caving pubs" in Burnley! thanks for the advice.


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ukpaul said:
I dont think we have any "caving pubs" in Burnley!

You need to check this out:


Apparently they meet on Thurs in the Bridge Inn?