Casterton and Ingleborough booking systems


Staff member
Hi all

The on-line cave booking system for Casterton fell and Ingleborough is open again.  Leck fell was already open.  For those individuals and groups who are caving we urge you to consider our general advice of being cautious, caving within your capability and being considerate to all you meet.  Checkout our website for more details

For anyone accessing Ingleborough we suggest you do not park or change in the village other than in the YDNP carpark or better still use one of the other access routes to the hill.

Please note that the landowners of High Birkwith and Long Churn/Alum have requested that cavers stay away for the time being.  Anywhere you would normally make a courtesy call at a house or farm should only be visited after careful thought and checking with local cavers.

There are plenty of open caves in the Dales to spread out those few who are caving at the moment.  Keep it safe.

Tim Allen
CNCC Access Officer