Clifford's cave


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I'm off down Cliffords tomorrow for a jolly. I imagine it's a short but knckering haul does anyone know how long I should allow to do the tour down to terminal chamber?!?

Also I'm taking a mate down who couldn't get into Helstons Hazard in Pridhamsleigh and also got completely wedged in the squeeze on "the trip from hell" also in prid...

Will he make it all the way? I'm reliably informed it's "bit tight" in places  :-\


Dear Noel Axle

Can't remember how long it takes but it's not long, Clifford's is only a small cave. To the end is about 400' of small passage. Never heard of "Helstons Hazard" or "the trip from hell" but it's not as tight as the tight bits of Prid, just awkward.

Have fun, it's an interesting place.



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clifford's shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. If you are going in the downstream paradise streamway you might want a wetsuit! Only really tight bit is a squeeze at the main stream inlet but that doesn't go far anyway. I wish people would use the proper (i.e. original names) for sections of cave. I have been visiting Prid for over 40 years and the name Helston's Hazard is quite new to me as was the other name. It helps if you refer to the original John Hooper survey. the only major discoveries made since the original survey are beyond the lake by diving, a small lower series near the entrance entered by a nasty little lobster pot not far from the entrance, an alternative route into Mystery Pool entered by a tight squeeze which takes one down into the chamber from high in the roof (as far as I know I was the first one in there back in the early 70's) and finally the Mystery Pool sump/duck extension made by the PCG round about the same time.

there may not be copies of the survey now. If anybody wants to see a copy then PM me. I believe there are moves afoot to publish a new one incorporating Prid 2 but I may be wrong.


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I must admit, I've only been caving for about a year and I have been getting very confused by referencing sections.

I would like to see a copy of the original survey if possible as I use prid a lot and would prefer to know and use the original names.

If your interested Helstons I know as the low way to the "man trap" from "the well" end (if those names are in correct)  The "Trip from hell" is the tightish route from the top of the bottomless pit with the switchback that goes back towards the "coal hole chamber"

Incidently my mate Minty didn't get out of the entrance chamber in clifford's as he couldn't get his chest through the squeeze into badgers.  I will return later on in the month with a slimmer companion... Trip report to follow.