CNCC Cave Photography Workshop 2021


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Honoured to have been asked to take one of the CNCC's workshops this year I suddenly realised a week before the event that I would have to actually give some thought to what would be expected of me. I had been underground with other photographers and exchanged tips and ideas on a one to one basis, but this was something of a different beast.

Here I have to give credit to the great woman behind the rather lazy man, my wife Jess, who helped me to develop a Structure for the weekend and put together a powerpoint to keep me on track....Oh and supply the biscuits!

The CNCC had booked the YSS 'Classroom' for the weekend and this turned out to be a fantastic venue. I can't recommend anyone looking for facilities for similar enough.


We spent the morning through to mid afternoon discussing everything from Cameras to Daren drums and tissues before, quite late in the day, we headed off to Yordas so people could have a play and get used to the equipment and techniques we had spent the morning discussing.

This actually worked better for those who had no equipment, and had borrowed it. Though it did mean that the others were able to sort niggles and issues with their kit, so all in all still a very productive outing.



The group fettle kit and go through tips on how to build their shots.


A super image from Ane, experimenting with strobe photography.


Jess assists James with lighting.


James nails the shot from the other side.

The next morning it was back in to the classroom to review the shots from the previous day and discuss options of shooting format and post processing. Before heading to the Churns for everyone to get a chance at a practical session.



After spending a good few hours with everyone getting to grips with their chosen shots we returned back for one more go at tea drinking, biscuit eating and a final discussion of the absolutely stunning set of shots the group had taken, before saying goodbye to everyone to brave the parking lot that is the M6 to return home.







In summary an exhausting, though hugely satisfying weekend spend with a very talented bunch of people who I hope got as much out of the experience as I certainly did.

A huge thanks for your time and expertise.

Some excellent photos there. I?m guessing yellow oversuits are a photographers favourite colour  :)

Thanks again



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CNCC Training said:
I?m guessing yellow oversuits are a photographers favourite colour  :)

Thanks again


Yellow definitely seemed the cavers favourite colour on the day, wasn't left with much choice!

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Many thanks to CNCC for organising the cave photography course with Mark. The venue was perfect - light, airy, well equipped and the variety of nearby caves which would have allowed for all levels of cavers. In this instance non-technical caves as there was a non-caver (there are no photos of him taking a cold bath in Upper Long Churn).

Mark and Jess made the perfect team to run the course.
The mixture of classroom based instruction, guidance on equipment and it's advantages/disadvantages along with a lot of real hands-on practice of the process was balanced and effective.
It was intense yet presented in a very relaxed way which allowed questions and discussion along our journey.

To everyone else who was there - it was great to meet you all and share the experience.

For anyone thinking about underground photography I can't recommend the next course from Mark & Jess highly enough!