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Cryptic caves


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Highly tentative, but in order to get the ball moving again. The Tolkien reference is presumably An Ent.

Crown Inn Swallet

I can get 'All Rise' from that, but not an Ent as well. However, my super duper Cave-Name-Length-o-matic™ system only came up with that and Piece End Swallet (which looks even more obscure) for the number of letters provided.


Interesting thinking, and correct on the Ent front, but incorrect overall. I suppose the next clue would be that this one is in Wales
I just keep getting "Tried Ent Passage" or "Tried Ent Chamber" stuck in my head. Obviously wrong, but perhaps there may be a Trident in there somewhere?


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Yes, guessed it was an anagram, yes, thought second word was HOLE. No, I still have no idea...
Either that or it's in some obscure foreign language - like Welsh?


Oh no! Do I have to check through all 263 pages, to make sure I don't repeat anything? That could take some time . . .