Emojis - out with the old, in with the new?


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Hi Folks,

Q tells me we can add some more emojis and maybe get rid of some of the less popular ones.

I'd like to see these go  :icon_321:  :alien: :greed: :unsure: :cautious:

I really like these ones:  ;) :eek: (y) :hug: :sneaky: :coffee:  :beer:

....and I'd like to see one for digging, which someone posted once but I can't find it.

I'd appreciate your feedback please on emojis you'd like to replace and ideas for new ones, thanks, Pegasus  ;)

Ian Ball

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I like emojis but will never use

:ang:    :D    :bow:    :read:    :mad:    :greed:    :hug:    :kiss2:    :spank:    :alien:    :mad:  :blink:    :chair:    :coffee:    :cautious:    :halo:    :icon_321:    :idea:    :tease:    :unsure:    :yucky:    :cry:

Ideally I would like an emoji that says "I am joking, do not believe what I am saying is true because it is obvious to everyone, a joke, everyone but you it seems"


I like emojis,  They can add all important context to comments.

Anyone who doesn't like them is an idiot  :mad:

Anyone who doesn't like them is an idiot  :tease:

Anyone who doesn't like them is an idiot ;) :LOL:

All have very different tones. 

The more the merrier I say,  no really need to get rid of any, but I guess I can see why  :icon_321:  might not be wanted.

UKbouldering as some good ones that I use on there, but are not available here.  (Same software, so would have thought they were available).



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Can see why the blue one and perhaps the green one may not be needed, not sure about the others as seem innocuous enough.


Pegasus said:
Can anyone find a digging one???


I've hardly ever seen these ones used:
:cry: :greed: :kiss2: :alien: :mad: :blink: :cautious: :icon_321: :idea: :cry:

Also not sure why there is :ang: as well as :halo: ?


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My favourite Teams emoji is a dancing penguin, though it's hard to see its relevance to a caving forum.
Then again, it's not really relevant to the office.