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Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

Mrs Trellis

Well-known member
The wife was trying to be sexy for me last night.
When I came up the stairs, I found her lying naked on the bed, licking a lollipop.
Then she slipped it up her fanny...
I said, "Careful with that, love. You'll need it to help the children across the road tomorrow!"

Mrs Trellis

Well-known member
A man and his wife are about to have sex when the husband says "Do a handstand against the full length mirror."
The wife thinks this is kinky and does it. The man puts his chin on her privates and says
"The boys at the pub were right, a goatee would suit me!"

Mrs Trellis

Well-known member
Original photo...........

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Mrs Trellis

Well-known member
A woman had been on the game for years & was worried about the size of her vagina on her wedding night.
So she decided to tell her husband she had caught it climbing over a fence.
After an hour in bed he asked
"How far across the field were you before you realised it was caught?"