Greenside Mine


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Does anyone know what the access situation is with Greenside Mine??

And, for the through trip - is it easy to find the way and what ropes are required etc....?

Any info would be great.


Ask Jagman on the Darkplaces Forum,it's in his neck of the woods I think.

I knew someone in the '60s who said he wouldn't go in there without lead underpants.
Dunc - Are you meaning Greenside Mine above Glenridding?? Because if you are you might want to contact Chris Jones. I know he was instrumental in opening the route in the early nineties. I also know the bottom end is locked so you will need to figure out access (at least it was a few years ago when I last wandered up there).

CATMHS are the main body of mine exploration in Cumbria so they might be a good source of information.

I have never done the through trip... but I have been up to the upper entrance... it is quite a walk!!

You'll have to let me know how you come on with it all.... back then there were still a lot of ladderways in place.... but they degrade pretty quickly!! Have you ever been to the Plumbago Mines in Borrowdale or Coniston Copper Mines... they are a novel jaunt on a rainy day!

Cumbrian Neil.


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Not done anything Borrowdale way.. yet..

Done part of Coniston Copper Mines.. but not the best bit with the stemples!


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Just got an email back today regarding access to Greenside:

The Lake District NP (the landowners) are currently drawing up a new access agreement, so it's a case of wait and see what it entails..

And as for the through trip - all the ladders need lifelining! And the last pitch (not on ladder) of 175ft descends past the side of a three ton boulder which is 40ft from the top in the middle of the shaft - which apprently will have some work done to it to make it more secure in the near future to make the through trip ok..


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Emailed CATMHS, they replied and gave me an email address for someone called Warren Allison - who provided the details I posted above about access..


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Sorry for the necro post on this very old thread but having wandered to the lower entrance and finding it locked and reading a trip report from 2009 has gotten me very interested in this place. Especially for the rainy days of winter. Does anyone know who to talk to nowerdays to request access or is planning a trip in there, as prob best I go with someone who knows the mine for my first trip in there. It says on the entrance you need written permission from the Lake district national parks, sounds very hard to come by?


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Contact CAT, you should be able to from their website. Its Cumbria Amenity Trust mining history Society.

I am lead to understand that the through trip from Glencoynedale is now much too dangerous, someone will give you more info. But you should be OK for the Lucy level, the one behind the Youth Hostel which probably the one you looked at.


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I tried to get access in Feb 2018. I first contacted the LDNPA, who put me in touch with someone who I think was connected with CATMHS. This is the reply I received:

?Apologies for not getting back in touch sooner. The LDNPA has recently gone through a number of personnel changes and I am trying to find out who the correct person is to contact.

However, as Colin said you would ned to put a strong case together for wanting to do the trip and the LDNPA will not give permission just because someone wants to do the through trip, it would have to be for research, maintenance, etc. This is because the mine is their biggest corporate liability, so they are very sensitive as to who they allow access to.

As Colin mentioned the route has deteriorated considerably over the last few years and the top level is locked.

However, it has now got worse. I was on the Lucy level a couple of weekends ago carrying out the 6 monthly inspection of the level for the LDNPA which gets reported to their main board and on looking up the last shaft which comes down onto the Lucy level, it has become blocked with collapsed staging, some of which is hanging in the shaft, while the rest is in the level, so the through trip is not possible at the moment.?

The situation may have changed since then, but I suspect not.