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Lnrc weather


Active member
Hello everyone.

I am looking to visit lnrc this Sunday the 12th and also do bridge cave and town drain , I have visited bridge cave before with Paul and sue.m thanks again , I see the weather forecast for ystradfellte is dry Saturday and a  chance of showers on the Sunday I am hoping to visit , is this still acceptable weather to visit the site due to the flood risk ? I shall be leaving a call out obviously but I don?t wish to put anyone in a unnecessary risk/danger  including myself ,  I have got the survey and route guide from the caving website  but am happy to listen to any advice given .

If this needs moving please feel free mods .



Active member
Keep a close eye on weather forecast, as this hot spell could easily translate into thunderstorms. Light showers will not be an issue.

Paul Marvin

New member
Yep as Mike says a shower or two will be ok but there may be a very local thunderstorm which with the very dry ground may flash, if the entrance is just a gentle flow it will be ok if its a raging hole stay out . WE LOVE this trip its great fun 3mm wetsuite is enough this weather .  Bridge and Town will be ok though for sure  (y)