Mandale Mine - Over Haddon



After a failed attempt at this system in December due to high water levels (should have know better....), had a very enjoyable trip with a couple of "not so novice" cavers last week.

Entrance in via the Incline and followed round to the Sough. Followed through and dropped into the main workings and Aquaduct levels. Proved to be a bit of a challenge when we hit the underground "pools", but with the old faithful Wetsuit worn, did not mind the short swims (although cold is an understatement!!). The pools are very deep and seem to form part of a small underwater system (?) and there may be the potential of some Cave Dives there?

Very, very wet - very muddy, but damn good fun!

Anyone looking for a lazy trip sometime to this fabulous little system, drop me a line and more than happy to show it.