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Mistral - where was we?


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A few weeks ago, Tim kindly showed us round a bit of Mistral I hadn't seen before, but he didn't know what it was called.
I've tried to figure it out from the Red Rose site, but it's hard as the routes are mainly described going the other way.

From Mistral entrance we went through the Hobbit and on to (what I think is) Dusty Chamber - where you would get to Link if took a sharp left turn. We carried straight on, ignoring the left turn to the Hall of the Mountain King (with its delightful artworks).
This led on to a nice passage with taped-off formations, then a bit of a squeeze going into a large chamber.  Crossing this leads to more passage with excellent formations terminating in a small hole in the floor leading to a muddy climb into a nasty tight rift where some digging has taken place, maybe some time ago.

Just to satisfy my curiosity, can anyone identify the above places after the HotMK ?


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Pretty stuff at the end would be Gour Hall, not sure of names before this though.

Was a splendid surprise just how pretty this cave was in this section though!

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Thanks all - yes it must have been Gour Hall.  I'd forgotten to mention the musical saucepan, so that confirms it.

Anyone know anything about the dig at the end?  Can't say it looked very appealing...

Pie Muncher

Rift down to left just before the end requires tackle and quickly ends at a cobble filled low duck/sump which has had some attention but nothing promising.


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The right hand dig at the end is more than just a dig - it is the route through to Extreme Ways.  Some short flat out wet stuff leads to more big choked passage.  A tight thrutch up a capped rift at the end is the way on towards an 11m pitch into large chamber (Hall of the Eleven, I think).  A big rift heads off but ends in chokes after a few hundred feet.

Extreme Ways runs parallel with Witches 2 (Shuttleworth) but about 200m apart.  They both head into that big blank area up towards Gavel/Notts2 where there is only the submerged route known.  There must be more to find.  :)


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Badlad said:
There must be more to find.  :)

Bit of a side track, but it seems to me that wherever there's a submerged route in that area, there's an older dry route too.

The cave found since I first visited the area in the late 70's is phenomenal.