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new BCA website article: caving with cerebral palsy


As some eagle eyed cavers have seen already, there is a new article on the BCA website posted by the youth and development group.

Please do take a read and share this good news story.


There will be more content coming out from the youth and development team with a view to promoting diversity and inclusion across a whole range of characteristics, and pointing current cavers towards ways in which they can help.
Full marks to Jamie who is clearly a very impressive, determined young man and to everyone else involved. It's really inspiring to read about people making a serious effort to overcome daunting obstacles rather than retreating behind health and safety. Respect!


I am hoping this gets lots of reads, like so many people in this world & including Jamie it proves things are possible.


its great this article has had 372 reviews, hopefully all 372 have read the article, Josh do you have any figures from the BCA website on how many views? and is this something we can get out to the facebook pages, or has that been done, you know what I am like with tech!


It's a very good question Badger, perhaps Ari or Rostam might be better positioned to be able to provide that info.

On the plus side, I've had someone reach out with some potential for developing inclusion in caving with relation to disabilities. It's very early days yet, but great news IMO.


Interestingly, I'm not sure I can share that, as the sites privacy policy doesn't include publically sharing visitor statistics for interest in general. I'll revisit this as I think it's reasonable to share basics like viewcounts. That being said, our analytics suggest that the post is performing well in comparison to other news items :beer:


An old friend was one of the most able disabled cavers I ever had the pleasure of caving with. Good old Andy farrow. R. I. P