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New deep cave discovered in Germany

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Just heard from my old club in germany that the depth record in germany has been smashed. it is now at -918m with huge leads still waiting. If you can read german check out the following link




New member
Thats amazing,I didn't think there were any caves of note in Germany! There aren't in my caving atlas of the world!

I presume this is in the Bavaria / Alps area...


I didn't think there were any caves of note in Germany!

thats because there never used to be. When I first moved out there in 1994 the longest cave was only about 3 km and the deepest was about 250m. BUT, caving is very much a minority activity in Germany (and Austria come to that) and yet these coutries have some surperb limestone areas, including High Alpine karst with big depth potential. I worked in the area where this cave was found from 95-98 and in that time we got down to about -450m which was still deep for Germany. However, I got more involved in the Austrian exploration in the Totes Gebirge (where the CUCC work).

The area of this latest deep find is the Untersberg near Bergtesgarten in the extreme SE corner of Bavaria. IIRC correctly there is a depth potential of about 1300m so might still be some depth to find.


I will be giving them a shout soon, as i live in Tuebingen! Unfortunately I left my SRT kit in England, Arse!