• Ghar Parau dinner invitation

    Have you or your club benefitted from Ghar Parau funding for an expedition?

    To mark the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its creation, a meal is to be held at the Anchor Inn in Tideswell, Derbyshire on Saturday 11th February, 2023. As well as a meal there will be speakers on behalf of the original Ghar Parau explorers and the current GPF committee.

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New/next step conundrum


Wait until they open?  :confused:

Not ideal and I don't like to say it, but not a lot of other options at the moment...

Unless you have a caving friend who is prepared to share their outdoor exercise with you, but if you have a caving friend, you are presumably going to take your advice from them not the internet...


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Quite  frankly, the OP seems to be taking the piss just for the sake of taking the piss ? given the curent situation.


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We just had two new members join our club, but then we're not shut, just our hut, for obvious reasons. The club is perfectly active, and when members have been legally able to cave, then some have - we just can't organise 'club trips' or use the building in mixed groups without breaking one or more regulations at the present time. There's plenty of other things caving clubs can do apart from actually caving - renovating the hut, for example, or getting all those surveys completed that normally wouldn't be - and all the photography, fieldwork and lead-checking that can be done. I've done all three and more with other club members, and had a great time, like we usually do - we just weren't underground for some of it.

I can't think of many organised activities that are doing much better than caving at the moment, and we do have the benefit of long-term usage of our chosen facilities - way beyond pandemic durations, and indeed our lifetimes. Unless a dig is very, very unstable (like one of ours is), chances are the place will be exactly the same as it was before lockdown. My concern is that some people don't seem able to consider doing anything with their spare time other than going caving.

cap n chris

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Fulk said:
Quite  frankly, the OP seems to be taking the piss just for the sake of taking the piss ? given the curent situation.

Not at all. e.g..


Some people just organise their own visits with their mates, which can result in questionable conservation issues (e.g. spray paint). People are indeed getting out there and "doing caving".


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Being in a caving club brings many more benefits than merely going underground. The social side is so valuable. Clubs I'm involved with have become very inventive with virtual social gatherings, which have been great. They've offered a blend of banter and more serious presentations which have been enjoyable and informative. Even though underground endeavour has been severely affected over the last 10 months, being a club member has helped keep me sane. (Well, as sane as I ever was.  ;) )


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Regarding Plymexplorer I have quite a bitof contact with him. He is actually looking at caves very local to him. He has been directed to the leading club in the region and I have offered him and his wife a trip in due course (whenever that is).