The Hollow Mountain III (2013-2017)

Now available for purchase

The new caving journal by Imperial College Caving Club (ICCC) and Jamarska Sekcija PD Tolmin (JSPDT) is now available for order. This volume covers the exploration of Tolminski Migovec over five expeditions from 2013 to 2017, a period which saw the system grow from 24km to over 39km in length, affirming its place as the longest in Slovenia. A deliberate mix of entries and trip reports from the various members of the expedition recounts the highs and lows of exploration at this time. This is therefore a tale of deep camping, hopeful digging, happenstance connections and (some) memorable findings. A place of choice is therefore given to the story, and explorations leading up to 2013 are only briefly summarised to provide some context. An account of the geology is also given in a separate chapter.

This is a perfect bound paperback edition, with 334 A4 full colour pages. Cost: ?15

We are providing the following link to a Googleform to help manage orders. This is simply so we can arrange caver post as smoothly as possible. For the first round of prints, the orders will be taken until midnight February 15th.
Naturally, some copies will be available for purchase at Hidden Earth.
At the bottom of the form, there is a link to the IC Union shop, with the relevant product available for purchase.

Order form and link to shop below:
A quick update:
The first round of orders is now closed. There will be a second round before Hidden Earth 2019, so watch this space during the Summer.

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