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trip sugestions

Hi all
me and some friends are off to the peak next week. If the weather is good we plan to be outside but if it starts to rain are more than happy to go underground.
Any suggestions on places to visit near the Roaches that are safe in wet weather.
We all have a bit of experience but mostly in mines. We have 100, 30 40 and 10m ropes so SRT trips would be great provided that are ropes are long enough.


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Knotlow area (Monyash) has plenty to play in on a damp day, as does Oxlow (near Giants), of course Giants itself or P8 are good on a moist day. Get a copy of the latest CCPC rigging guide (10th edition), and have a drool in the pub...


err - soz - kinda missed the bit that said you had a 100m rope  :-[

well the world (or the peakdistrict anyhow) is your oyster.

If you've not caved in the peak, then any of the following should be top of your list.

Giants hole round trip, P8 to the bottom and back, Oxlow, Eldon ...

Peak cavern stuff is awesome, but a bit fiddly with access/keys etc.

have fun


SamT said:
Yep - tons to do. Bagshawe & Carlswalk require no vertical gear.

I saw some photo's on Flikr of Carlswalk, there were blue plastic tubes being installed. Is this the access point or are there others? Is parking easy?

Thanks guys!


nah - that is the flower pot entrance - which gets you into the far end of the Dynamite series.

All very flat out and tight.

The main trip is usually via the Gin Entrance which is a very straight forward climb/scramble down of about 10 feet.

Another entrance is the Eyam Dale shaft - a straight forward ladder pitch of about 30 feet. Makes a nice though trip.

Carlswark is about as straightforward as caving gets. Parking, access, etc all very easy.

Check out the PDF guides on the Hitch and Hike website..


and many surveys are available at the cave monitoring site..