Very silly pics


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Now we're on a theme. m'lord, I offer exhibit 10.....

Mrs Trellis

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In the same vein Castleton's "red light" district was known as "Treacle Street" - possibly a bowdlerisation of "Tickle Street" .


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Not at all, I just never knew there was a red light district, and I've been going there forever - I'm clearly reading the wrong brochures! Explains all the befuddled tourists though.

Mrs Trellis

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It's opposite Carlton House - home of the Carlton Emporium. Carlton House once had the window made of Blue John which now graces Vernon Park House in Stockport.


Just to keep this suitably low how about Spuncombe Bottom in The Cotswolds. Link to NLS (no name changes on current maps). You could deviate from the Cotswold way at North Nibley going via Nibley Knoll and Big Ride to get there too.
I never knew that and I've lived only a couple of miles away for the last decade! I shall remember that one next time I drive past.

A few year's ago, we did a job at Uckfield. No prizes for guessing why this road sign is an unusual shape:
Screenshot_20230427_151017_Samsung Internet.jpg


Going international really opens the depths - IIRC there's a place called Dildo in Newfoundland (remember seeing a picture perhaps in one of Josie Dew's books).


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sorry I can’t help it. Saw this in the dolomites years ago.


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