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Very silly pics


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Penistone of course also has the Paramount - "Home of the mighty Compton Organ"
In 1968 as part of a week of drink and depravity funded by the United Nations Association I was based for a couple of days in Cambridge Guildhall.

The Guildhall had a truly enormous organ bearing a sign saying "This organ was erected by public subscription..."



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So, in a few simple steps we've managed to steer the discussion around almost to cavers' favourite subject.

Speaking of which, did you know there is a fizzy drink brand in France called . . . no, I'm not going to say it! It's not spelt quite the same anyway but the pronunciation is very close.


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Some of my erstwhile American colleagues, found my near-by village of Butt Lane highly amusing. They were however, nonplussed that we found the "Trump if you love America" election placards hilarious.
Then we told them what trump means over here.- They found that even funnier!

Mrs Trellis

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The original Greek beer was named "Fix" - so you could ask for a fix in most places. (now relaunched btw having gone bust in the 1980's iirc)




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In the Hope Valley there's Shatton.

My own favourite is Nempnett Thrubwell........well it certainly did.

After being mentioned in an Adge Cutler song - "the moon shines bright on Nemptnet Thrubwell" - it eventually got a song of its own - "Down in Nempnet Thrubwell". I am ashamed to say I have both these on vinyl.

Posting from near Pratts Bottom in Kent.



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I just found this on t'Internet (apparently it was quite a common name in the 'red-light' district of towns . . . probably before they had red lights):



Just to keep this suitably low how about Spuncombe Bottom in The Cotswolds. Link to NLS (no name changes on current maps). You could deviate from the Cotswold way at North Nibley going via Nibley Knoll and Big Ride to get there too.


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And there are always the villages along the river Piddle in Dorset (Piddlehinton, Piddletrenthide). Though most of them use Puddle instead (Affpuddle, Puddletown and Tolpuddle, where the martyrs came from...)