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Interesting area around Ribblehead. All in Great Scar limestone, but is there nothing major, or deep rather, because of lack of deep valleys in the vicinity? Or some other control? Just pontificating from my armchair.
Hello Robin,

Without wanting to stray off topic - worth looking at the chapter which covers this in the Waltham & Lowe Caves & Karst o t YD book. But - look at the O.S. map and you'll find Goat Close is in the bottom of Ribblesdale. I think there's something about this in the most recent CDG Northern Sump Index but bit busy to check for you. If you really want to know PM me and I'll (eventually) sort a bit more detail for you.


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Thanks Pitlamp.
This cave, which is outside the usual Dales caving area, is probably known to Pitlamp.


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Is that the one which the late Pete Livesey free climbed the top of in the 1960s (because the scaling pole was too short) and casually mentioned in a BPC article that "the angle eased to the vertical", thus demonstrating his potential as the leading rock climber of his generation?