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steviet_scg has it – Long Kin West . . . do you see what I mean? It doesn't look like a 100-m shaft.
It really doesn't (great photo tho) bit of a random guess really from the clues.

I'll post a photo when I get chance but if anyone wants to jump in feel free.


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I'll jump in :)
Encountered this unorthodox rigging at a pitch head this week...


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Last time I saw anything like that was when the legendary, and seldom encountered Stafford Speleos pirated Lancaster Hole back in the 90s.


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Slit pot?
Apologies for my tardiness in responding, Slit Pot it is indeed!
As for explanation I am led to believe it was some kind of climbing style pull through involving the tying together of a 40 and a 30m rope (I'm not a climber and don't really understand it). But this then started to twist as it got rather energetically pulled through, eventually providing us with this delightful pseudo daisy chain effect!