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Win a ?50 Starless River Voucher and a ?50 Inglesport Voucher!!


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Only a few days left to go folks  :D

Some other fab prizes in the pipeline for comps in the coming weeks - all support much appreciated  (y)


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In absence of caving and finding myself back in the UK, I've been cycling as much as possible. Here is my noble steed in the new forest, where I'm fortunate enough to be moving to in March.



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During the summer months, I managed a few evening swims at a local 'lake'. It's less than two miles from home, so I even managed to cycle there. Other than the odd duck or swan, I didn't see a soul  :)


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Lockdown for me has been about making the most of what you can do, rather than getting hung up on what you can't and fortunately having lots of hobbies it's been bearable.  The most antisocial activities being saved for the most antisocial weeks / months.  Secondly we've been very fortunate in Dorset having not suffered the worst of the restrictions and I've been in work throughout.

So here's a pile of photo's showing some of what I've been up to...

1. First lockdown was all about 'garage time'.  Amongst other things a bench was built for the garden and a set of handbells refurbished.



2. Kayaking.  The day the first lockdown eased the kayaks came out.  Living only 1/2 mile from one of the best launch sites into Poole Harbour it was the obvious choice.  Despite the media hype about how the harbour was going to be overwhelmed with masses of boats / kayak etc. it turned out to be like a Scottish Loch.  We counted 5 other harbour users!  Typically on a nice day there's boats everywhere.  I suspect I'll never be privileged enough to experience Poole harbour so quiet again.  This is a day I'll never forget.  We paddle in the harbour a lot so don't tend to take photo's, however over the summer we did a lot of paddling including up the Beaulieu river and a few days camping in Devon making use of the Tamar and Looe Estuary's. 



Later in the summer we found this seal in Poole Harbour which didn't seem to understand social distancing.


3.  A bit of caving.  Made Showerbath a bit longer and Persil a bit prettier. 



4.  A week's holiday walking in Wales in early September


5.  A day trip to Dartmoor


6.  Then there's the local walks through Dorset.  I know the county very well, but this last year I've gone looking for quiet corners of the county people don't visit.  Found quite a few treats but I'm not telling you where they are!



7.  And the very local walks done from my door.


Even found this very promising dig just up the road.  Unfortunately due the the nature of the location it must be kept secret until a gate, 15 locks and leader system is introduced.


8.  I guess I should also mention the piano.

9.  And finally when you get really bored you can always post on UKCaving!!!! ;)


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Caver Keith said:
As I old and therefore vulnerable I've been socially responsible and mostly stayed at home. I've been caving twice and attended one cave rescue training event. This has meant that after three years procrastination I've been able to start work on my new garden railway.

This one's for you - improved considerably by the gigantic cat:



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Thanks so much to everyone who entered this competition and also to our anonymous donor for the ?50 donation (y)

My don't we cavers get up to a variety of things??  From marble bouncing mecano, passing out parades, taking fab photos of Long Kin East on a mobile, spreading a friend's ashes, handbell refurbishment to kayaking with a not very socially distanced seal.  Also lovely to see so many youngsters venturing underground. I've really enjoyed reading everyone's entries and hope they have provided some entertainment during blummin lockdown.

So who won?

First prize was an easy choice for me - Chloecaver who I hope doesn't get fired as bridesmaid  ;) 

Second prize goes to Tobyk for his excellent shot of Long Kin East - taken on a mobile!


Congratulations to you both.  Please PM me to arrange getting your Starless River or Inglesport voucher to you. ;)