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Joe Duxbury said:
Brains said:
Just to prove the 2m rule, we recreated this classic pose - guess that makes god female?

No, you've printed it as a mirror image!
Details...details... If you are that worried call it the "Creation of Eve"  ;)


We did manage to get to Wales back in August and took the mountain bikes to Afan forest


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We managed to take a look into Jacobs well between Xmas and New year, its the only real but easily accessible cave near us and it was my kids first ever experience of a non tourist cave and my daughter bravely went further than I, partly due to her size and the hole allowing her to crawl through with ease. Before this, they thought I was mad for going into caves and mines, but now they understand why I do it and it's done wonders for thier confidence and they havent stopped talking about the experience since. We spent over an hour underground and managed to capture a little footage of the highlights and had a go at trying to make a 15 minute video of the trip for the memory bank, something else new too to us all -  https://youtu.be/qig7t0bVGJo 

Caver Keith

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Can't go caving, too wet to work on the garden railway, don't want to do the decorating so decided to play with Meccano.



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Unable to get underground I have found a new use for my cave suit. Whenever Bridezilla has been asking what I'm wearing to her wedding as head bridesmaid (apparently I have questionable taste) I have been sending fabulous photos of myself in my yellow cave suit. The more she asks the more extravagant I make it my favorite being a cave suit with heals and accessories. This has been my most enjoyable past time this lockdown although I may be temporarily fired as bridesmaid  ;)




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Most science fiction films in the 1960s predicted that everyone would dress like this by now, so in many ways Bridezilla is very much behind the times, and you can consider yourself a trendsetter. Whether you can tell her that to her face remains to be seen  :)


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Socially-distanced passing out.



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A New Year's Eve walk up Ingleborough...


Sunny weather, expecting great views from the top...


A tad icy...


Can't beat a sprinkling of snow on limestone pavement


Did the shadow thing again  ;)


Lethal underfoot, and no views from the top!


This person had a quick way down!


Back home and of course the clouds had lifted!!


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Since my wife is extremely vulnerable, going underground with other people is a risk I can't afford to take until she at least has had both jabs. However, if the person I go underground with is already dead, that does rather mitigate the risk!

Let me explain... Having been put in charge of the ashes of  the late Steve Thompson and  transferred him to a suitable container (the carton of a good Islay single malt) I spent the summer and autumn taking him round places in the Peak that had been special to him, or where we'd got up to what he habitually described as "mischief". One place we'd looked at in the past was Wardlow Sough, but by the time it was finally re-opened he'd given up going underground. Chris Heathcote had asked me about the miner's initials in the sough, so it seemed right to take Steve underground one last time. Jeez, it's got really claggy underfoot since 2019 - now I understand what Dave Williams said about it being gloopy in there!
We followed up with a quick pint in the Red Lion, as was fitting...


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Unfortunately northamptonshire is somewhat lacking on the cave front so we got back into kayaking last summer. It was slightly misty today.



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The year started off spectacularly with an expedition to Mulu. Upon our return I wound up in hospital with leptospirosis. It seemed odd at the time that I was sent for chest x-rays and had oxygen saturation tests, but of course it became clear a few weeks later what they had been checking for.

After the first lockdown my first socially distanced foray underground was a gentle trip in KMC


And my last trip underground would be a potter around GB cave.


I have been fortunate to be able to so some fantastic caving and diving in between and thus far in 2021 am already missing my routine weekends away.

Stay safe all [emoji106]

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Caver Keith

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With there being zero possibility of filming a new caving video, I been forced to look back through the archives.

The clips that make up this video were filmed between 2010 and 2013.



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Not a serious entry for the competition, but I thought this might be of some interest ? the M6 at the height of lockdown (taken on a bike ride):



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